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Perth’s Only Independent Underpinning Specialist

Are sections of your property cracking, leaning or showing issues of settlement such as gaps between the walls and cornices?

It may require localised crack-stitching or isolated underpinning to help rectify the situation and ensure the property is fully re-supported, thereby addressing the issue now and preventing a possible need for complete underpinning in the future which can be a costly process.

If caught in the early stages, “a stitch in time saves nine”, that really is the best strategy.

Signs of settlement or subsidence that require crack-stitching or underpinning can include cracked walls, sinking floors, jamming doors or windows, all of which can often be attributed to weak soils, settled footings or other factors such as poor ground conditions. Failed retaining walls can also cause issues of settlement, as they sometimes move out of original alignment and rotate laterally, causing soil slippage or loss of soil mass which can lead to the property requiring either isolated or full underpinning.

Leaning piers, boundary walls, columns, garden walls, plus other small building components such as water features and mailbox enclosures can also be subject to movement, often requiring manipulation using a bespoke propping system and additional isolated edge footings, thereby providing the required re-support and underpinning to ensure stability.

Jetis Building Services help remediate all those commonly occurring issues.

Most jobs are completed in one day. Minimal disruption to clients.

Jetis Building Services: Tradesmen You Can Trust

The Jetis Difference

For over 35 years we have saved clients thousands of dollars in ‘re-build’ costs by simply and affordably realigning and remediating cracked or leaning sections of walls, columns or weakened structures. Jetis cover all aspects of residential and commercial properties throughout Perth and regional WA and have unparalleled experience in delivering tailored solutions for a wide range of clients.

Jetis is truly an independent ‘Underpinning Specialist’. If our methodology is not suitable for your site or general issue then we will not offer you a quotation, instead we will ascertain the best course of action for you, to ensure that the situation at your property is properly evaluated and your general requirement is serviced promptly, but most importantly, professionally. Clients that use Jetis can relax with the knowledge that ‘integrity’ is of paramount importance to us, as ‘client referrals’ form the major part of our business. Our clients value the fact we will not take a job for simple profit if the job is best executed by using an alternative technology or technique provided by another company.

The Initial Process:

Once we have diagnosed the issue at a clients property and confirmed that underpinning is required, Jetis advocate a ‘design before you sign’ strategy, to ensure that the most suitable underpinning technology for the property is selected. Jetis urge all clients not to rush the decision, either due to pressure from underpinning companies to ‘get the work underway’, or due to lack of knowledge regarding the best solution for the specific ground conditions at the property.

Not all sites or site conditions are the same, therefore the correct methodology and most appropriate treatment process needs to be properly ascertained before deciding on the specification.

Jetis will assess (free of any additional charge) the composition of the clients soil, to ascertain whether the specific soil profile is suitable for the proposed underpinning technique. Once profiled, the most appropriate technology will be selected thereby providing the client with the best solution for their specific site and issue of settlement.

There are various techniques and technologies available to achieve general ground improvement and soil strengthening. Improving the ground bearing capacity of the soil that a property is supported by is a key element of successful underpinning and the general remediation of the structure.

That overall ethos and general approach by Jetis is applied to all enquiries, whether they be a residential underpinning situation or a specific issue where a client has a ‘non-standard’ or civil engineering requirement. The technologies and techniques that are industry proven and carefully considered by Jetis on a project-by-project basis include:

  • microfine cementitious grouts
  • polyurethane resin injection
  • various permeation grouts
  • mixed polychem grouts
  • isolated slab jacking
  • ground anchors
  • hydraulic piers
  • epoxy grouts
  • power piles
  • screw piles
  • soil nails

The independent nature of the Jetis site assessment is crucial in determining the best process for a client, as some companies that provide those various injection services could be deemed ‘unscrupulous’, and on some occasions have been known to recommend and undertake projects knowing that their injection treatment will not provide the client with the best outcome.

At Jetis, ‘The Jetis Difference’ has been proven time and time again, with numerous clients, to be the difference between a successful outcome and a disastrous experience where the client has proceeded without considering various aspects of the project, sometimes resulting in a waste of time, energy, and most importantly, money, as the underpinning process may need to be carried out again utilising a different technique or technology that is more suited to the site and specific ground conditions.

The Outcome:

Jetis provide clients with total ‘peace of mind’ so that they know that their underpinning requirement (and issue of settlement or subsidence) has been properly assessed, evaluated and the correct Scope of Work has been carried out.

Improving the ground bearing capacity of the soil that your property is supported by is a key element of underpinning and the general remediation of the structure.



  • Cracked or leaning columns
  • Cracked or leaning walls
  • Cracked or leaning water features
  • Cracked or leaning mailboxes
  • Cracked or leaning boundary fences


Fast and neat installation of the latest crack-stitching systems to provide strength and integrity to cracked or weakened sections of wall.

Installation of a flexible joint repair system to sections of cracked or rotated cornices and ceiling lines.


Our SPS system also helps address the serious and often costly situations caused by issues of settlement and seasonal ground movement, all due to the general weather conditions and underlying issues at many Perth properties.

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